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National Blind Sports Day

THANK YOU to everyone – athletes, participants, volunteers, event hosts – who participated in the 2018 National Blind Sports Day! Hundreds of people across the country celebrated together to raise awareness about the opportunities available to and the abilities of people who are blind and visually impaired.

What is National Blind Sports Day? Sport and fitness have the power to provide people who are blind and visually impaired with the framework to set goals, build work ethic and live a healthier lifestyle. The goal of National Blind Sports Day (NBSD) is to celebrate the abilities of and opportunities available to Americans with visual impairments and increase awareness of sports for the blind.

When is Blind Sports Day? Mark your calendars! The next Blind Sports Day is happening Saturday, October 5, 2019! 

How do I get involved? As the 2019 Blind Sports Day approaches, we’ll have information about how organizations and individuals can get involved right here, so check back!