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Thomas Culliton

Special Contributor
Inducted 2013

In 1969, Tom Culliton began his career at the Missouri School for the Blind and worked there for 37 years. During his tenure, he worked as an industrial arts teacher, co-house parent for an off-campus residential life living experience for senior students, residential life director, principal and retired as assistant superintendent. In his “spare time” he was the assistant coach for track & field and wrestling. In 1972, he became the athletic director of the school and was president of the North Central Schools for the Blind Athletic Association for a two-year term then served as secretary/treasurer for 12 years. In 1988, Culliton served as the Assistant Goalball Coach for the U.S. Men’s Goalball Team at the Paralympic Games in Seoul. He has worked tirelessly encouraging students to excel in their athletic endeavors and networked around the state to educate students, teachers, school counselors, parents and Lion’s Clubs about USABA and the opportunities we provide for athletes who are blind and visually impaired. Culliton has dedicated his life to providing recreational and athletic opportunities for people who are visually impaired; networking with schools to be sure every eligible student has the opportunity to know the joy of competition and teamwork.