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Membership Benefits


This is Kevin Brousard, Membership Manager for USABA.  At USABA, we are inspired every day by the amazing feats our members across the U.S. are accomplishing.  Whether you’re a swimmer competing for Team USA at the Paralympic Games, or a runner completing your first-ever marathon at the USABA Marathon National Championships, USABA is here to help improve your life through sports, recreation and physical activity.

As a blind athlete, I understand the power sports can have in a blind person’s life.  Growing up as a blind youth, I was teased and ridiculed by my peers.  But sports gave me the confidence to grow and excel beyond society’s expectations of the blind community.  The lessons that sports give us – teamwork, goal-setting, work ethic, etc. – apply to all parts of life.

There has never been a better time to be an athlete who is blind and visually impaired.  Thanks to adaptive technology, online resources and the connectivity of social media, blind athletes have every opportunity to accomplish their biggest goals and aspirations.  USABA is here to make that happen.  So please – give us a call, send us an email, and let’s chat!

Yours in Sport,

Kevin Brousard
USABA Membership Manager
3-time World Champion, Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Hopeful
kbrousard@usaba.org / (719)-866-3019


A USABA membership gives you the tools and infrastructure to take your athletic career to the next level. We’re here to support you with the following membership benefits:

Membership sign up and renewal is done exclusively online.  The true value of the benefits you receive as a member far exceed the membership fees ($50 for adults, $40 under age 21).  The liability and secondary medical insurance at USABA events included with your membership could save you hundreds of dollars.

USABA Membership fees:

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