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Board of Directors

Current USABA Board of Directors:

Mark Ackermann, At-Large Director (appointed 2020-2024)
Chair (elected 2020-2024)
USABA Compensation Committee Chair
Founder and Principal of Mark Ackermann Associates, LLC
Freehold, NJ

Skye Arthur-Banning, At-Large Director (appointed 2020-2022)
Vice-Chair (elected 2020-2022)
Associate Professor
Clemson University
Pendleton, SC

A headshot photo of Gary Remensnyder wearing a light blue dress shirt under a dark blue blazer.

Gary Remensnyder, At-Large Director (appointed 2020-2022)
Treasurer (elected 2020-2022)
USABA Audit and Finance Committee Chair
USABA Compensation Committee Member

Retired President
Lew’s Fishing
St. Augustine, FL

Amy Wasson, At-Large Director (appointed 2020-2022)
Secretary (elected 2020-2022)
National Product Director, Vision
Anthem, Inc.
Camarillo, CA

A headshot photo of Zach Buhler wearing a blue polo shirt.

Zach Buhler, Athlete Director (appointed 2022-2026)
Paralympic Athlete, Goalball
Huntington, IN

David Cohen, At-Large Director (appointed 2020-2024)
USABA Bylaw Working Group Member
Major League Business LLC
Aliso Viejo, CA

Jennifer Demby, Constituent Director (appointed 2020-2024)
USABA Bylaw Working Group Member
Director of Sports, Blind Athletes Inc.
Instructor, Rutgers University
Wharton, NJ

Brian Eaton, Independent Director (appointed 2020-2022)
Director, Global Sponsorships
Colorado Springs, CO

A headshot photo of Eliana Mason

Eliana Mason, Athlete Director (appointed 2022-2024)
Paralympic Athlete, Goalball
Beaverton, OR

Matthew Simpson, Athlete Director (appointed 2016-2021)
USABA Compensation Committee Athlete Representative
Paralympic Athlete, Goalball
Charlottesville, VA

Eve Wright Taylor, Independent Director (appointed 2020-2024)
USABA Audit and Finance Committee Member
Atlanta, GA
Sr. Counsel, Business Operations Macy’s Inc.

Calahan Young, Athlete Director (appointed 2020-2024)
USABA Audit and Finance Committee Athlete Member
Paralympic Athlete, Goalball
Pittsburgh, PA

Committee Rosters

USABA Nominations and Governance Committee
Tracie Foster, Chair
Tyler Merren, Athlete Representative
Erika Petach, Member

USABA Judicial Committee
Kathy Beaver, Chair
Brian Darcy, Member
Jennifer Armbruster, Athlete Representative (alternate)

USABA Audit and Finance Committee
Gary Remensnyder, Chair
Eve Wright Taylor, Member
Calahan Young, Athlete Representative

USABA Ethics Committee
John Kusku, Chair/Athlete Representative
Shari Roeseler, Member
Queenie Nichols, Member

USABA Compensation Committee
Mark Ackermann, Chair
Gary Remensnyder, Member
Matt Simpson, Athlete Representative

USABA Bylaws (effective 11/18/21)

USABA Code of Conduct (effective 11/18/21)

USABA Whistleblower Policy (effective 11/18/21)

USABA Conflict of Interest (effective 12/1/21)

Board Meeting Minutes

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2021: Audited Financial Statements
2020: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990
2019: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990
2018: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990
2017: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990
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2013: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990
2012: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990
2011: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990
2010: Audited Financial Statements    IRS 990

Previous years available upon request.