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Resident Program

In 2015, USABA partnered with Turnstone Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to create the first-ever long-term resident program for goalball athletes in the United States.

The comprehensive program provides the opportunity to enhance playing skills through participation in a training program geared to individual athlete needs, with the objective of developing athletes for future world championship and Paralympic teams.

Training as part of this program includes a rigorous in-person strength and conditioning program, in-person goalball training sessions, access to sport psychology and sport nutrition providers with the aim of supporting elite goalball players on their quest for excellence.

New for 2024, athletes who apply must be willing to relocate to Fort Wayne for the duration of the goalball season which will be January 15 through September 30. Priority will be given to those willing to commit full-time to the program (with natural breaks given for trips to see family at specified times) and if any space remains there could be options for part-time residents (meaning not living in Fort Wayne full-time but living in Fort Wayne for specific training cycles).  The application can be found at this link:

Athlete Benefits
– Residence in a gender specific house owned by USABA, that includes furnishings, appliances, internet, and utilities
-Weekday lunch meal support for those living in the goalball houses only (if you live outside the houses in Fort Wayne you will be on your own for meals)
-Goalball facility use
-Access to strength and conditioning resources
-Access to sport nutritionist for personal goals
-Access to sport psychology for personal goals
-Day-to-day training led by coaching staff
-Athletic trainer support

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
-Be a current U.S. Citizen who is eligible to obtain a U.S. passport
-Have completed High School or earned an equivalent degree
-Be at least 18 years of age
-Must be able to classify as a B1, B2 or B3 athlete
-Be willing to submit a complete health profile coordinated by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Sports Medicine department, including a thorough medical history and comprehensive physical examination
-Athletes will be expected to work in a paid or volunteer status a minimum of 5 hours per week or be actively taking a college, university or vocational training course while in the resident program -athletes be available for training sessions as outlined by the resident coordinator and/or Director Sport Performance

Evaluation Determination
-Space availability
-Athlete’s current “home” training environment and competition activity
-Potential for the athlete to make 2024 or 2028 Paralympic teams
-Impact of the goalball Resident Program on the athlete’s goalball potential
-Athlete’s desire and willingness to commit fully to training with the Resident Program

Application Process
All interested athletes need to fill out the application, found here: Acceptance into the Resident Program will be at the sole discretion of USABA staff and National Team coaches.  Prior to entry to the program, selected athletes will be expected to sign a contract, become a USABA member, and they will be expected to make a $100 refundable damage deposit if staying in the goalball houses. All positions in the Men’s and Women’s Resident Programs may not necessarily be filled.
Questions about the program can be sent to the Director Sport Performance

Support the Goalball Center of Excellence
With the creation of a resident program, USABA, through the support of our funders, will play a large role in the achievement of the goals and dreams of young athletes who are blind and visually impaired for many years to come. Dreams of attending college while playing a sport they love and being provided services that are on par or better than that of NCAA student-athletes. Dreams of training for the ultimate athletic experience in the Paralympic Games will be realized. Dreams of having the same athletic opportunities as their sighted peers will come true. To learn more about supporting the Goalball Center of Excellence Resident Program, email USABA Director of Sport Performance Amanda Duke Boulet at

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