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Triathlon is great sport for athletes who are blind and visually impaired because of the abundance of events nationwide.  Triathlons are contested in various distances: Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Ironman.  In the Paralympic Games, the event is a sprint distance race.  The disciplines consist of open water swimming, cycling and running.  You and your guide will tackle all three together making your way to the finish line.  There are some simple adaptations you and your guide will use during the race.  You’ll use a tether during the swim and the run and ride a tandem bike.  For more information, please visit USA Triathlon.

If you would like to compete nationally against your peers, the USA Triathlon Paratriathlon National Championships is an event you should consider annually.  If you aspire to wear the red, white and blue for Team USA at the Paralympic Games, check out the following resources for information, requirements and opportunities.

USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Resources

USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Teams

USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Resources

USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Camps

USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Classification

USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Events