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David Beaver

Special Contributor
Inducted 2011

For 35 years, David Beaver served in the physical education profession through adapted physical activity as a teacher, coach, administrator, mentor, and program presenter. He served as the wrestling coach for the team that competed in the 1976 Toronto Olympiad and as the leader for blind athletes competing as a part of the U.S. Disabled Sports Team during the International Games For The Disabled in Arnhem, Holland in 1980. Beaver also served as Chef de Mission for the United States Disabled Sports Team competing in the 1984 International Games for the Disabled in Nassau, NY. He was influential in the formation of USABA and responsible for much of its early growth and development, serving as a volunteer in charge of the association’s sports development during the first eight years of USABA’s existence. He stayed with USABA for more than 10 years as the Chairperson of the Sports Development Committee that created the rulebooks for governing all sports, developed a cooperative relationship for all USABA sports with their respective United States Olympic Committee national governing bodies later serving vice president.