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Sponsor Spotlight: Healthy Vision Association

Jessica Heim wears a green polka dot shirt as she poses with a runner she guided for at the USABA Marathon National Championships
Jessica Heim (l) poses with the runner she guided for at the USABA Marathon National Championships

Meet one of USABA’s longtime partners, the Healthy Vision Association (HVA). Over the years, HVA’s support has made possible some of USABA’s largest events. Events such as the USABA Marathon National Championships at the California International Marathon (CIM) and National Blind Sports Day and Week. And HVA loves to get involved with our athletes! Jessica Hein, individual program doctor and emerging markets manager at VSP Vision Care at HVA, has served as a sighted guide for four CIM marathons.

“My experience as a guide has been life-changing,” says Heim. “I’ve been a long-time runner and have enjoyed many accomplishments but guiding feels the most rewarding. Being able to help someone reach their goals and getting to share the experience is powerful. My favorite thing is when running CIM there are always people with fun signs or silly costumes that make the event entertaining. I love the challenge of sharing that part of a race: reading the signs, talking about the makeshift aid station pouring shots, laughing about the dinosaur costume, and sharing the mile markers and music with someone.” 

HVA  is dedicated to helping people see well and enhancing their overall health and wellbeing. This is done through educational content as well as health and consumer products carefully selected by the board of directors and its highly qualified partners. The Association’s Board of Directors also focuses on supporting optometry students through scholarships and vision and health-related charities whose missions align well with the Association’s purpose. HVA hopes to improve the lives, not just of its members, but of the community at large. A healthier world offers a healthier life for HVA members. To learn more, visit