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1984 Men’s Paralympic Goalball Team

John Cutliff (Muskogee, OK)
Winford Haynes (Austin, TX)
Reni Jackson (Louisville, KY)
George Morris (St Louis, MO)
James Neppl (Rock Island, IL)
Kevin Szott (Millburn, NJ)
Coach Stephen Kearney (Muskogee, OK)

Inducted 2009

The 1984 Men’s Goalball Team was seeded first at the Paralympic Games, but suffered some unexpected losses early in the tournament. The U.S. team made a remarkable comeback from the loser’s bracket, beating Egypt for Paralympic gold! “We went in there seeded first, every team gunning for us,” said Coach Stephen Kearney. “They managed to beat us, but not by much. The team wouldn’t go down without a fight. A fight is what we gave them too. It is a rare thing to lose one of your first games and come back to win gold, but we did it.”