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1984 Women’s Paralympic Goalball Team

Norma (Brown) Mawhinney (Chaffee, MO)
Catherine (Brown) Farnes (Laurel, MT)
Angie (Garlick) Green (Macomb, IL)
Janet (Rowley) Cebula (Clark, NJ)
Tonia (McHugh) Walters (St Louis, MO)
Karen (Helmacy) Zabel (Muncie, IN)
Coach Rosanna Copeland (Denton, TX)
Team Leader Joe Dominguez (Albuquerque, NM)

Inducted 2009

The 1984 Women’s Goalball Team distinguished themselves as the first women’s Paralympic gold medalists in the sport, setting the foundation of a strong U.S. women’s goalball presence in international competition for years to come. Even more remarkable was the fact many of the team members were accomplished Paralympic athletes in other sports, capturing several Paralympic medals in track & field and swimming.