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Carlos Talbott

Athlete – Track & Field
Inducted 2012

At the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games, Carlos Talbott won a gold medal in the 5k event with a time of just 15:09, breaking the world record by 18 seconds. He also won a gold medal in the marathon, establishing a world record time of 2:22:55, a record that still stands today. Talbott also held national records in the 5000m, 10k, 30k and 50k distances. Talbott was an avid runner in his community, winning many local races, even running with Olympian Bruce Jenner. Sadly, Talbott passed away in 1994. At the time, he was a language specialist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Miami and is survived by this wife Linda, three children: Gregory, Jennifer and Christopher, his mother and three brothers. Talbott never allowed his blindness to inhibit his passion for running. “He didn’t want to give in to his blindness,” said close friend and training partner, John Whitt.