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Northeast National Goalball Qualifier/2024 Gunderman Goalball Classic

June 21, 2024 - June 23, 2024
Hadden Township, NJ


Registration: Download Registration Form
- Registration fee is $70.00 (USD) per player and coach. Fee includes registration, meals, and tournament t-shirt.
- Payment can be made via Check, PayPal, Venmo.

PayPal: @NJBlindAthletes
Venmo: @NJBlindAthletes

- Please make checks payable to ABANJ and mail to:
PO Box 294
Belmar, NJ 07719

- Registration deadline is May 24th, 2024. Payment is due with registration. Registration received after the 24th will cost $85.00 per participant.
- All players and coaches must be 2024 USABA Members and have a team roster registered with USABA Goalball. Coaches or any other staff must meet the USABA coaching criteria for Safe Sport, Background Check, and Concussion Protocol.

Sanctioned Tournament Rules:
Overall, the tournament director will still have control over how to run the tournament, and will be free to make decisions about granting requests by teams. USABA will be consulted. Although exceptions will not be required to be made.

There will also be flexibility to grant exceptions in scheduling rules, when there is a reason for doing so.

International teams or individual players will be accepted.

A (3) three player team will be accepted with the understanding that they will be joined by a pool player if necessary.

Rostering rules no longer restrict a club from move their own players around internally between their own multiple teams.

The no music rule must stand for now because of issues with song lyrics and children being present, and more importantly because USABA does not have licensing rights to any songs. Therefore, USABA could be fined for having any music playing in the background of the live streams. Until this can be worked out to allow for some music to be legally played, the rule must stand. Although USABA is open to trying to find a legal way to have music in the gyms while still providing live streams.

The rule about language off the court, in the venue, and on tournament transportation, is not meant to get people in trouble for comments and conversations that others do not like. Rather it is intended to help keep a certain level of professionalism in order to make USABA and other host organizations look good to outsiders and potential sponsors.

USABA is working on getting the USABA goalball rule book up on the website and should be able to at least provide us with a copy before our tournament in June. However, it is essentially the IBSA rule book with international-specific rules taken out.

Teams will not be required to have a designated not-player coach.

Host Hotel:
Double Tree by Hilton – Cherry Hill
2349 Marlton Pike W
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

- $139 Plus taxes.
- Optional breakfast vouchers available at our group rate of $21 Person per day.
- Breakfast is a full breakfast buffet starting at 6:00am.
- Reservation can be made at.
- Code “960”
- Phone Number: 856-665-6666 mention “The Goalball Tournament”
- Reservations must be made by June 6, 2024.
- When making your reservation, please mention “Goalball” to get this rate.
- This hotel is less than 10 minutes from Haddon Township High School.

Competition will be held on the afternoon of Friday (Games start at 3:00) , June 21st, all day Saturday, June 22nd, and the morning of Sunday, June 23rd at Haddon Township High School.

406 Memorial Ave
Westmont, NJ 08108

- Smoking is not permitted anywhere on school property

ABANJ’s gender-affirming bathroom statement:
You have the right to use the restroom, locker room or other single-sex facility consistent with your gender identity or gender expression.
Individuals will not be asked to show identification, medical documentation, or any other form or verification of gender.

Any person who abuses this policy in order to assault, harass, intimidate or otherwise interfere with an individual’s rights under this policy will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


1. Tournament will be round robin play. We are accepting a maximum of 8-10 Women’s Teams, a maximum of 12-14 Men’s Teams. Men’s Teams may be split into two divisions (8 Men’s Division 1 Teams, and 6 Division 2 Teams) depending on team registrations. Tournament Director and USABA will determine the appropriate format and division(s) once registration is complete.

2. The tournament will follow a round robin format. All games will be played with 10 minute halves, 3 time-outs, and 3 substitutions.

3. If there are teams tied after the completion of round robin play, the tie will be broken by goal differential, head to head score, then least goals allowed.

4. The Mercy Rule will end a game if there is a goal differential of 10 points.

5. All coin tosses will take place at the score table, during half time of the game prior to your scheduled game. If a game ends, due to the Mercy Rule, the coin toss will be done by the referee at the end of the game and your game will start within 15 minutes.

6. Eye patching will be done only if requested at the coin toss. The team requesting eye patching must provide USABA approved patches, if you request cross taping, you must provide the type (Paper tape or hypo allergenic tape only). We do ask that eye patches be disposed of in the trash bins near the team benches.

7. PROTESTS: A fee of $100.00 is required. Protest forms are available at the score table. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld. The protest committee will consist of the tournament director, head official and a representative of USABA Goalball. If one of these people is involved in the protest, an alternate representative will be selected. Any protest must be noted on the score sheet immediately following the game.

8. Warm-Up Area: Balls can be thrown in the wrestling room off court B lower gym and the upstairs hallway outside of the women’s gym.

9. If a team purposefully chooses to forfeit a game. That team and possibly that team’s organization will be issued a warning for a first offense. Then be disqualified from the next annual instance of the New Jersey tournament and/or regional tournament.

10. Post round robin play will follow IBSA rules on cross over matches, quarter-final, semi-final, consolation placement games, and metal rounds, where applicable.

A continental breakfast will be available at the Double Tree by Hilton. In addition, Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner will be served in the high school cafeteria.

If you or your team has dietary restrictions or concerns, please reach out to the tournament contacts.

ABANJ will provide transportation on Friday, June 21st from Philadelphia Airport to the Double Tree by Hilton or to Haddon Township High School, and between the double tree and Haddon Township High School. Also, transportation will be provided on Saturday, June 22nd to and from the Double Tree by Hilton to Haddon Township High School. Priority will be given to the teams having the earliest games. In addition, transportation will be provided from the Double Tree by Hilton to Haddon Township High School on the morning of Sunday, June 23rd. Finally, on Sunday, June 23rd, all airport transportation will leave from Haddon Township High School. Please refer to and complete the portion of the registration form if you or your team needs transportation.

Athlete and Coach- airline information must be submitted to the tournament director either at time of registration or via email to tournament contacts by Saturday, June 1st, 2024 to be scheduled. If flight information is received after this date, transportation cannot not be guaranteed.

Airport pick-up confirmation and details will be provided closer to the tournament.

Tournament Contacts
- Dan Palmadessa - 201-543-9936
- Casey Cashman - 908-442-3257

Site and Volunteer Director
- Bonnie Richards – 856.577.8630

Transportation Coordinator
- Shelley Palmadessa – 856.577 3564

Documents & Links

2024 Goalball Season Guidelines   
Registration Form   


Tournament Director
Dan Palmadessa