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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s National Goalball Team Head & Resident Coach and Goalball High Performance Manager

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Position Title:                     Men’s National Goalball Team Head & Resident Coach and Goalball High Performance Manager


Posting Dates:                    September 3-18, 2019


The United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) seeks to hire a dynamic individual with impeccable character and leadership skills to serve as the Men’s National Team Goalball Head & Resident Coach & Men’s Goalball High Performance Manger to support the well-being of goalball athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and preserve the Paralympic principles by representing the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC)  and the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA).


Brief Overview of Organization

USABA is unique within the sports community. As the member organization of the USOPC, USABA is the High-Performance Management Organization (HPMO) for the sport of goalball. As an organization, we develop all aspects of the sport of Goalball from grassroots to elite teams with consistent medal-winning performances at elite international competitions and highly-trained coaches who represent our country both on and off the field of play.



The United States Association of Blind Athletes empowers Americans who are blind and visually impaired to experience life-changing opportunities in sports, recreation and physical activities, thereby educating and inspiring the nation.


Our Vision

Every American who is blind or visually impaired will lead a healthy lifestyle by actively participating in sports, recreation and physical activity.


Since its founding in 1976, the USABA has reached more than 100,000 blind and visually impaired individuals. During that time, the organization has emerged as more than just a world-class trainer of blind athletes. It has become a vocal champion of the abilities of America’s legally blind residents.


Minimum Qualifications Required:

Bachelor’s degree is required


Additional Requirements:

·         Successful completion of a favorable background check

·         Successful completion of the U.S. Safe Sport on-line training course

·         Success completion of the Center for Disease Control on-line concussion course

·         Minimum of 3 years of experience in managing teams in high-performance sports and sports development

·         Minimum 3 years of coaching experience with a proven track record of success

·         Experience working independently

·         Experience in planning and organization

·         Demonstrated ability to meet competing demands through effective prioritization in a results-oriented environment

·         Demonstrated success in managing individual differences and group dynamics

·         Demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment, observe confidentiality, use discretion and take initiative

·      Ability to build and nurture key professional relationships

·      Have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal

·      Must be proficient in Microsoft Office programs

·      Ability to multi-task, handle frequent interruptions and competing priorities, be good at time management and meet deadlines

·      Ability to manage multiple tasks and remain calm under pressure

·      Self-motivated and able to work independently and as part of a team

·      Strong awareness of self and self-regulation

·      Must be flexible and approachable with a positive attitude

·      Ability to thrive and willingness to work in a pressured environment with irregular and long hours

·      Driven by achieving results and a passion to succeed

Tools, Equipment, & Conditions
·      Office work will be required; incumbent will need to be able to successfully operate office equipment with ease. Incumbent must be flexible with their schedule as work on weekends, evenings and holidays is also be required. Rigorous travel will be required.
   Salary Range:
 Commensurate with experience and qualifications


To apply

Interested parties should email a cover letter, resume and salary requirements no later than September 18, 2019 to: Mark Lucas; Executive Director at In the subject line of the email write Men’s National Team Coach position.


For more information on USABA, go to our web site at









Position Title:                     Men’s National Goalball Team Head & Resident Coach and Goalball High Performance Manager


Reports to:                           Mark Lucas re: goalball programs and services

Kevin Brousard re: budget and finances


Position Summary: Major Responsibilities include;

To support goalball athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and preserve the Paralympic principles by representing the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the United States Association of Blind Athletes.

  • Devoted to USABA, the mission and long-range goals of the sport of goalball; specifically, to plan and implement programs, activities and conditions that will enable the United States to become the premiere country internationally in the sport of goalball.
  • Oversee and direct all phases of the goalball technical training program and assist in the administration and operation of the National Team Program.
  • Annual and long-range planning, development and execution of all facets of the USABA regional and national goalball program.


Work Conditions: 

  • Position requires non-traditional work hours and extensive national and international travel. Expenses will be reimbursed on all approved travel.


Job Description:

1.   Knowledge of tactics and sport

Maintain the highest level of technical proficiency coaching the sport of goalball and the philosophies of coaching to improve the athletes and overall team’s peak performance.

·         Coach the athletes in the national program and athlete pipeline to assure their maximum long-term progress, while maintaining athlete health and safety.

·         Coordinate activities including optimal sport science, recovery methods, nutrition, educational, medical and other support available for national team athletes.

  • Advising and coaching the athletes in the techniques, tactics and strategies of goalball.
  • Participate as directed by the USABA Executive Director in USOPC coaching programs ensuring that our program is utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and maximize the use of USOPC resources that we have available.
  • Develop, implement and oversee international scouting program system that will enable us to keep abreast of the top foreign competitors.


2.       Manage the Goalball Center of Excellence Resident program and National Goalball Team

Properly design training that focuses on the development of skills, strength, team play and recovery that is essential to a winning program.

  • Develop and implement individualized, segmented training plans by the day, week, month and year for both athletes and the team.
  • Direct the daily implementation of the training plan.


  • Determine the training needs of the National Goalball Team, which includes time management, equipment, medical, psychological, strength, nutrition and competition needs.
  • Establish, coordinate and conduct training programs for the goalball team and goalball development by creating a robust pipeline of competitive athletes that prepares them for regional, national and international medal success.
  • Review and manage athletes’ on- and off-the-court daily training log activities and submit their monthly log to the Executive Director by the 5th of each month.
  • In conjunction with the program’s strength and conditioning coach, coordinate and monitor the strength and conditioning progress of each athlete.
  • Disseminate information to athletes, coaches, administration and support staff in a timely manner.
  • Supervise and oversee the resident home, including management of athletes, care and cleanliness of facilities and reporting of any issues.
  • Drive athletes to lunch at Parkview Hospital when available when day’s agreement is in place for the resident athletes.
  • Track and monitor National Team athletes in the following systems;
    • USADA pool management
    • ISAS registration and athlete management
    • Ensure that USABA administrative staff have entered selected athletes into Team USA portal management (DAS, EAHI, Operation Gold)

3.   Selection of athletes

Assist in writing and implementing athlete selection criteria for the selection of the Resident Program, National Team and international competition.

  • Recruit, identify, evaluate and select athletes into the National Team Program and Resident Program.
  • Provide recommendations to the Executive Director as it pertains to athlete selection, Elite Athlete Health Insurance, training, preparation and competition.
  • Create and communicate fair, transparent and understandable selection criteria for choosing the National Teams.
  • Make recommendations to the Goalball Selection Committee for the selection of National Team members for international competitions.
  • Develop and maintain a statistical analysis for athlete selection procedure.


4.  Management of Athletes/Team

Motivate and lead the team with the highest integrity.

  • Maintain a high level of spirit, morale and intra-team communications between all athletes and staff on a regular basis. Communicate all aspects of athletic performance feedback, including both positive and critical feedback, as well as explaining to athletes why they may not have made a team or what they need to improve to be selected.
  • Responsible for effectively dealing with conflicts and disagreements.
  • Develop athlete and team policies regarding training, competition and expectations as Resident Team members and National Team members.
  • Communicate with athletes the direction and standards for performance.
  • Communicate with athlete’s workout and competition objectives.
  • Communicate with athletes all travel plans in a timely manner.
  • Clearly define expectations and roles to athletes and coaches along with the USABA/USOPC Code of Conduct and SafeSport Code.
  • Provide timely feedback to athletes regarding performance.
  • Allow athlete evaluation input on coaching performance.
  • Monitor discipline for team.
  • Evaluate all athletes with an annual written athlete evaluation and provide feedback.
  • Ensure that athletes represent themselves and the United States appropriately nationally and internationally.


  1. Management of Sanctioned Regional Tournaments and National Championships

Plan and implement annual competition schedule.

  • Coordinate with Executive Director to select tournament sites.
  • Coordinate with tournament director’s overall management of event which includes, but is not limited to, registration of teams, competition schedule, etc.
  • Schedule and manage goalball officials and a robust goalball officials’ program.
  • Coordinate with USABA Programs and Finance Manager to ensure that all athletes are current members before they compete.
  • Coordinate with USABA Programs and Finance Manager that all required coaches and officials have a current and favorable background check and have taken the required concussion and SafeSport courses.
  • Manage USABA Goalball Working Group for productive input on program.
  • Post results and manage point system of ranking teams.


6.  Management of staff

Create a mutually cooperative and respectful atmosphere to administer program. 

  • Responsible for the conduct and authority of the team.
  • Make determinations of coaches/staff to represent the United States in National Team events in support of four-year plan.
  • Consult and get approval from the Executive Director on the selection, direction and supervision of the assistant coaches of the National Team, as well as the trainer, medical staff, and any additional support staff.
  • Provide oversight, coaching and mentoring of coaches and develop club coaches to further advance the National Team and goalball program.
  • Report to Executive Director and USABA staff in a competent, timely and professional manner.


7.  Development of High-Performance Plan

Coordinate, develop and finalize a high-performance plan with the Executive Director.

  • Provide input and development on the annual high-performance plan which will ultimately lead to the United States becoming the premier goalball country internationally.
  • Establish the criteria for the measurement of performance and the expectations for the National Team.
  • Plan and develop an annual competition schedule for the National Team in consultation with the executive director and elite athlete representatives.
  • Organize and implement the national- and international- level training camps and competition schedule.
  • Plan logistics for National Team training camps and international team travel and competition



Track and manage expenditures and stay within the parameters of the annual budget that accomplishes goals of achieving competitive excellence in concert with USABA staff.

  • Complete monthly expense reports and submit to the Programs and Finance Manager by required deadline dates.
  • Manage the expenditure of budgets to keep spending within agreed upon levels.
  • Coordinate with administrative staff to prepare annual budget and operate the national program to accomplish the goals, within budget limitations.
  • Submit quarterly budget reports to the Programs and Finance Manager who will track and manage expenditures to date, projections, requests for variances, requests for funding special projects, and other fiscal matters pertaining to National Goalball Team and goalball program.
  • Manage company credit card on approved expenditures and within the parameters of the budget.
  • Adhere to USABA financial policies and procedures.


8.   Knowledge of Sport Rules

Intimate knowledge of the international sport rules.

  • Make sound decisions based on the rules to protest with clarity, certainty and speed when violations have occurred.
  • Be fully conversant in goalball rules.
  • Be fully conversant in the international goalball rules and be at least a nationally-certified official.


9.       Participation in Goalball Coaching Education/Mentoring

Develop and implement mentoring opportunities to develop coaches.

  • Assist in the preparation of articles for the USABA newsletter, publication for magazines, website or other media as required.
  • Create a coaching network from our pool of coaches who have shown proficiency and are up-to-date on the latest rules, procedures, techniques and training methods.
  • Serve as primary point of contact and expert on sport coach development programs and clinics.
  • Actively participate in grassroots coaching development.
  • Actively participate in annual coaching educational activities.
  • Participate in and support the curriculum of the goalball coaching education program.


  1. Duties as assigned

Further duties can be assigned by executive director.


  1. USABA Policies & Procedures

Staff are required to follow all policies and procedures of USABA (refer to staff manual).


  1. Performance Evaluation

An annual evaluation by the executive director will occur.