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Men’s National Resident Goalball Team Program Announcement

Posted July 20, 2015  Goalball | Goalball Resident Program

TO:  ALL U.S. Goalball Men’s National Team, Talent Pool, Emerging, and Military Athletes
From:  Mark Lucas, Executive Director
Copy: John Potts; USABA Goalball High Performance Manager, Head Coach; Mike Lege and Assistant Coach;  Matthew Boyle
Date: July 20, 2015
Re:  Men’s National Resident Goalball Team Program Announcement

The United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) has created a long-term residential goalball program for Men’s National Goalball Team members, development team members and emerging goalball athletes in partnership with the Turnstone in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Resident Program has been created to enable male goalball athletes who have demonstrated the capacity to play on the Men’s National Team the opportunity to increase the chances of realizing that potential through participation in a comprehensive, full-time training program. The Resident Program is appropriate for athletes committed to a full-time training plan in a small group setting under the leadership of USABA and Turnstone Staff. Athletes accepted as part of the program will reside in housing facilities at Turnstone; Ft. Wayne, IN. Specific training and competition will be geared to individual athlete needs, but generally, will include 5 days of court time per week and a rigorous in and out of season individual strength and conditioning training plan.

Accepted athletes (refer to application and athlete agreement) who desire to enter the Resident Program must commit to the full Resident Program period. All resident athletes will be required to apply annually.  Natural break periods will be built into the Resident Program training cycles, but athletes should be prepared to commit to living and training in the Resident Program in Ft. Wayne, IN through October 2016.

All interested candidates must submit a sports resume and one-page cover letter to USABA High Performance Manager John Potts at

Acceptance to the Resident Program will be at the sole discretion of USABA staff and men’s national coaches. All positions in the Resident Program may not necessarily be filled.

• Be a current U.S. Citizen who is eligible to represent the U.S. in the Paralympic Games
• Have completed High School or earned an equivalent degree
• Take one college level class per semester and maintain at least a 2.2 GPA, or work, or volunteer at least 5 hours per week
• Speak at a local service club at least four times per year (at least 2 at an Indiana Lion’s Club)
• Be willing to submit to a complete health profile coordinated by USOC Sports Medicine including thorough medical history and comprehensive physical examination

• Space availability
• Relevant performance data from current quadrennium
• Athlete’s current “home” training environment
• Potential for the athlete to make the 2016 Rio Paralympics or future international events
• Impact of the goalball Resident Program on the athlete’s goalball potential
• Athlete’s desire and willingness to commit fully to training in the Resident Program

** USABA may add additional athletes after the application deadline(s) and start date(s) until maximum program slots are filled as approved by the Goalball High Performance Director
• July 17, 2015 – Application period begins
• August 9, 2015 – All applications for resident program are due (email submissions only)
• August 18, 2015 – Applicants will be notified of their status/acceptance into the program
• October 1, 2015 – Projected start date

USABA has established a Resident Program at Turnstone through the 2016 Paralympic Games and beyond. The Resident Program is directed by the USABA staff and Men’s goalball coaches. USABA staff will be supported by Turnstone staff and other contract staff including nutrition, strength and conditioning and sports medicine.

Participation in the Resident Program does not entitle the athlete to participate in National Team or Team USA roster activities, including the World Championships, the Paralympic Games, or other major international competitions. In order to be named to these competitions, teams, or rosters, an athlete must qualify through the respective selection procedures. Participation in the program does not affect national team status or any of the related benefits. Participation in the Resident Program is voluntary and is contingent upon agreement to and compliance with the specific terms and conditions of the Resident Program.

Athletes accepted to the Resident Program will be eligible to receive the following benefits:
• Residence in a housing facility which includes furnishings, appliances, internet and utilities
• Meal support
• Goalball facility use
• Access to strength and conditioning
• Day-to-day training led by the coaching staff
• Access to sports medicine
Each athlete participating in the Resident Program is required to:
• Cover expenses for moving to Fort Wayne (airfare, gas, shipping costs, etc.)
• Commit to the full term of the Resident Program, from start date through the 2016 Paralympic Games
• Agree to and follow the training program defined by the coaching staff for that athlete
• Develop short, mid, and long-term performance markers with the coaching staff, pursue achievement of those markers, and keep a written log of training and results as required by coaching staff.
• Pay a nominal monthly program fee (refer to Athlete Agreement for further information)
• Attend training sessions, competitions and other team activities (meetings, media training, community appearances, Turnstone special events, etc.) as directed by the coaching staff
• Participate in all sport science testing, sport psychology sessions and nutrition counseling as directed by the coaching staff
• Wear USABA and Team USA uniforms, competition wear and other clothing while training, and at official competitions and functions as directed by the High Performance Director.
• Provide clothing and equipment appropriate for training and competition, except when required to wear USABA provided uniforms and competition wear
• Agree to and abide by the National Team Athlete Agreement
• Agree to and abide by the rules as set forth by Turnstone and USABA

A review will be conducted for each athlete in the program by the coaching staff and the High Performance Director every three months to collectively develop goals for the athlete and make program adjustments as necessary.

Athlete participation in the Resident Program, while intended to be long-term lasting through the 2016 Paralympic Games, may be terminated at any time by USABA.

Removal from the Resident Program may result from any reason determined valid by USABA including the following:
• Failure to meet the requirements to qualify for the national team (annually) or meet defined standards
• Failure to meet the performance markers or other elements of the athlete’s personal performance plan
• Inability to train over an extended period of time due to long-term illness, serious injury or personal related issues
• Failure to comply with the USABA and Turnstone Code of Conduct and if a National Team member the USOC Code of Conduct for U.S. Paralympics National Teams and U.S. Paralympics Programs), the resident program rules, or the requirements of the Resident Program
• Persistent incompatibility with the teammates, staff or coaches, Turnstone staff and/or other resident athletes that detracts from the training or performance of any member of the community
• Any conduct that is deemed by USABA to be detrimental to the Resident Program or is likely to bring the athlete, USABA or the Turnstone into public disrepute
• Any doping violation
• Violation of local, state and federal laws

Notice of removal from the Resident Program will be provided to the athlete in writing and will be effective immediately upon such notice or as specified in the notice. If the athlete wishes to contest removal from the Resident Program the athlete shall be entitled to a hearing pursuant to the USABA Grievance and Complaint Procedures.