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USA Blind Soccer Virtual Scouting Combine

The USA Blind Soccer logo with the words "Virtual Scouting Combine" along the top and the year "2023" along the bottom

The USA Blind Soccer National Team coaching staff is looking for blind and visually impaired soccer players to participate in a virtual talent ID assessment, or as we are calling it, a “virtual scouting combine”. If you have heard of the NFL Scouting Combine for new recruits into the NFL, then you understand where we have come up with the name. Instead of in-person, we are doing this virtually and asking for videos of athletes doing specific soccer skills and drills. The virtual scouting combine will run from July 31-August 31, 2023. As part of the Talent Identification process, athletes are asked to submit videos using the guidelines below. The entire video file should be no longer than 5 minutes. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and also be a B1, B2, or B3 athlete.

Step #1: Fill out and submit this athlete questionnaire.

Step #2: Wait for to email you your specific Dropbox folder where you will upload your videos.

Step #3: Record all the benchmark videos as requested below.

Step #4: Upload your videos into your unique Dropbox folder no later than August 31.

Video #1 (15-30 seconds)

Create a video of yourself dribbling with pace, going around one of your family members/friends/teammates/coaches, etc. (think of them as stationary cones saying voy, voy, voy). 

  • Ball Mastery Skills we are looking for within the video
    • L-turn
      • Place the sole of your foot on top of the ball
      • Roll the ball back behind your opposite leg along with the foot following back after you have released the ball
      • As the ball passes behind the heel of the planted foot tap the ball with the inside of your foot creating an L shape (think of roll back and tap).
      • Turn in the direction of the tap don’t allow the ball to roll too far away from you. 
    • Pull-back turn 
      • Take your right or left foot and put the sole of your foot on top of the ball. Pull the ball back with that foot. As you pull the ball back with that foot you are turning your body in the direction of the ball. 
    • V-cut
      • You are placing one foot (the sole) on the ball. You drag the ball back in a diagonal direction opening up your hips and then push the ball with the inside of the same foot diagonally in the opposite direction. Ex. Let’s say the ball is at 12 o’clock you are going to drag the ball to 6 o’clock and push that ball with the same foot towards 3 or 9 o’clock. 

Video #2 (10-15 seconds)

Create a video of yourself dribbling around 1-2 of your family members/friends/coaches etc., as they actively try to steal the ball while saying voy, voy, voy. 

  • Use one of the mastery skills mentioned above and/or a move you are comfortable and confident in using to get around the defender or defenders. 

Video #3 (1 minute)

Create a video of yourself dribbling toward the goal and shooting 

  • Please show yourself doing consistent shots from 3 different locations and lengths on the field.
    • You do not need to dribble around a defender. You are actively dribbling with speed and taking an active shot on goal. 

Videos #4 & #5 (1 minute each)

Create a video of you tracking the sound of the ball. Please choose 2 of the options below. 

  • Option 1: Utilize a family member/friend/teammate/coach, etc., to throw the ball onto the field while you track the ball by running after it and retrieving it, then dribbling toward the goal and taking a shot on goal (3 times). 
  • Option 2: Utilize 2 people (a family member/friend/teammate/coach, etc.) to dribble and pass around the field while you track the ball as it moves from person to person. Work on your defensive stance being low to the ground and saying voy. Ex. Similar to Monkey in the Middle except you are not stealing the ball.
  • Option 3: Utilize a family member/friend/teammate/coach, etc., to throw multiple balls onto the field consistently one after the other. You, as the athlete, must track and stop the ball with the sole of your foot as you track each ball being thrown onto the field.

Please also respond to the following questions either through a 1-minute video or written text:

  • Why do you want to be on the USA Blind Soccer National Team?
  • If chosen, what does your commitment look like to the USA Blind Soccer National Team?