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USABA North East National Goalball Qualifier Recap: June 21-23, Haddon Heights, NJ

Members of the men’s team pose on the court with their medals.

Republicans (l to r): Keith Young, Christian King, Hussam Itani, Zion Walker, James Wallace.

Members of the NJ Honeybees women’s team pose on the court with their medals.

NJ Honeybees (l to r): Jenna Tiberi, Amanda Keen, Shelley Palmadessa, Lisa Czechowski

The USABA National Goalball Qualifier took place from June 21-23 at the Haddon Heights Community Center in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. The tournament saw an intense competition with a total of 21 teams divided across three divisions: a ten-team men’s top division, a six-team women’s division, and a five-team men’s B division.

In the men’s top division, the Republicans emerged victorious, defeating the Jawns in a thrilling final with a high-scoring game that ended 9-4. The Republicans’ roster was highlighted by national team athletes Christian King, Zion Walker, and Hussam Itani.

The New York Empire secured the bronze medal in the men’s division, showcasing a strong performance throughout the tournament.

The women’s division saw a rematch of the Southeast final between the NJ Honeybees and the Ohio Monarchs. The Honeybees triumphed in the rematch with a decisive 12-6 victory. National team member Lisa Czechowski led the scoring for the Honeybees, while fellow national team athlete Eliana Mason played a pivotal role for the Monarchs.

The Night Owls claimed the women’s bronze medal, demonstrating great skill and determination.

In the men’s B division, the Fury defeated the Hornets in a fiery contest that ended with a 13-4 score, earning them the gold medal.

The tournament was a significant precursor to the upcoming National Goalball Championships, which will be hosted by Turnstone in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from August 2-4. The level of competition and the display of athleticism at the Haddon Heights Qualifier has set the stage for what promises to be an exciting championship event.