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Utah Rage boys and girls sweep Cascade Classic Youth Tournament

Posted October 2, 2017  Goalball

Goalball season kicked off this weekend at the Washington School for the Blind, with teams from Utah,  Colorado, Washington and Oregon competing.  Both the Utah boys and girls went undefeated through the tournament.  Members of the boy’s team coached by Josh Wellborn and Tony Jepson, were Robby Calandrelli, Shane Huking, and Zach Ledford.  Their final match was strongly contested against the Oregon team.  The girl’s strong defense shut out the Washington School for the Blind in the championship game.  Team members were Elizabeth Chantry, Adia Estes, Megan Jenson and Mykol Clark. The girls were coached by Rachel Jepson and Marybai Huking.  Tournament Director, Jen Armbruster stated this was a great opening event in the Cascade Classic series which will be followed by the Regional tournament February 9-11 and the College/D2 tournament in the spring.