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Job Posting: USA Goalball Resident Program Coordinator

Posted December 19, 2023  USABA Updates

Job Title: USA Goalball Resident Program Coordinator

Reports To: Director Sport Performance

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Part-Time Contractor: 15 hours/week

Major Roles and Responsibilities:

• Serves as Head Coach for the USA Goalball resident program in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

• Oversight and Management of day-to-day training of resident athletes

• Works collaboratively with Performance Service Providers

  • Including but not limited to, sport dietician, sport psychologist, strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainer, as well as the head coaches for the Men’s and Women’s National Teams

• Works to support USABA Admin staff • Provides timely expenses, budget reporting, safety requirements, strategic planning, and updates on the program as requested

• Supports the goals and initiatives of the USA Goalball Program

  • Co-curates content for Coach Education, Goalball Club Development, and Referee Education

• Collaborates with USABA to track potential players for the development player pool and short-term resident stays

• Create and implement a periodization model reflecting performance and development requirements in conjunction with the applicable head coach for all resident athletes

• Support the creation of better playing environments at a domestic level

• Produce clear and concise reports tracking Women’s National Team athletes

• Evaluates and reports on the effectiveness of the program and monitors trends to make program improvements as needed

• Coordinates lunches for the athletes Monday thru Friday when athletes are in town and not traveling to camp or competition

• Provides a healthy, safe, and holistic training environment that cultivates a gold-medal mindset and whole-athlete wellness

Minimum Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree or higher

• 5+ years coaching goalball at the highest level and working collaboratively with other sport performance specialists for athlete development

• Strong leadership skills and ability to solve problems and execute decisions under pressure

• Capable of working in a fast-paced and demanding environment

• Must be able to connect “micro” details to the “macro” vision and mission

• Excellent written and verbal communication combined with a professional demeanor

• Able and willing to work non-traditional hours, including weekends, early mornings, or evenings, and holidays as needed

• Experience working with people with visual impairments or adaptive sports

• Working knowledge of higher-level concepts of goalball game tactics, strategy and athlete development

• Ability to think outside the box to achieve goals of the program and personal athlete goals

• Pass a bi-annual background check and complete the yearly SafeSport Training

Interested applicants should send their Resume and Cover letter to Amanda Duke Boulet, with the subject title “USA Goalball Resident Program Coordinator”