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2015 IBSA World Games Recap

Posted May 20, 2015  Athletics/Track & Field | Powerlifting

This month, four USABA athletes competed in the IBSA World Games in Seoul this month. With 6,000 athletes from over 80 countries, stakes were high.

Powerlifter Charles King (Philadelphia, Penn.) competed as the oldest visually impaired powerlifter in the US. King finished fourth in the competition and was interviewed by USABA ParaSport News correspondent Link will open in a new windowhere.

Dan Finan (Van Nuys, Calif.) was the only junior powerlifter in his weight class and finished 9th in the 90kg weight class.

Newcomer Nick Gasaway (Vacaville, Calif.) finished 6th in his first world championships appearance.

Track & field athlete, Kevin Brousard (San Clemente, Calif.) brought home gold in the men’s F13 discus event. “I had my best throw [44.47 meters] ever today,” said Brousard in an {srlink]interview with USABA ParaSport News correspondent after the medal ceremony. “I’m very happy to come here not only to win a gold medal, but also to have my best performance ever in a great stadium. It’s a great moment.”

Congratulations to all four USABA athletes on their personal successes at this year’s World Games!