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Athletics/Track & Field

More Than 100 Athletes to Participate in 2018 USABA Marathon Nationals

Since 2008, U.S. Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) has partnered with Sacramento Running Association to make the California International Marathon (CIM) inclusive for runners with visual impairments. This year, the group of more than 100 blind runners and guides includes military veterans, local runners, international runners and Paralympic athletes. It’s a weekend affair for this group of runners and guides with multiple community meals and gatherings where they’re able to mingle and get to know one another and culminates with an awards ceremony Sunday afternoon. USABA Sports Club and partner Sacramento Society for the Blind will host a dinner for…  Read More

Aira sponsors USABA Marathon National Championships

Aira technology brings enriched experience to USABA Marathon National Championships with sponsorship. By: Stephanie Ross, USABA Contributor For years, technology has made the world more accessible. From accessible technology and access tools like screen readers, cell phone apps, and scanners, we’ve seen technology that have forever changed the day-to-day tasks for the blind and visually impaired. One of the most recently developed technologies is Aira. Aira, a service that connects blind and visually impaired people to highly-trained, remote agents, is available through a smartphone app or through an optional pair of Horizon Smart Glasses.  Visually impaired runner Erich Manser ran…  Read More

Rediscovering Your Stride: A Rio 2016 Paralympian’s Journey with LHON

By: Stephanie Ross, USABA Contributor Charles “Chaz” Davis, 24, was pursuing his collegiate running career at the University of Hartford when he began to unexpectedly lose his eyesight. At the age of 19, the Grafton, Mass.-native was diagnosed with Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON), a rare mitochondrial disorder. “Every stage of grief was experienced by my whole family,” Chaz’s mother, Audrey Davis, said. “It’s hard to imagine the joys and heartaches of being a parent until you actually are one. My heart broke, but inside me I knew he was strong in spirit and I had faith he would overcome…  Read More

When Fatherhood Meets Sports

By: Matthew J. Rodjom Seven years ago, I started my greatest challenge and adventure in life, fatherhood. I am a father to twin girls, Emily and Marisa, who are 7, and a son, Zachary, who is 4. Since my wife, Sarah, and I are distance runners, sports and athletics are part of the daily routine at our house. When the twins were toddlers they were at every race mom and dad ran. It is a pretty cool feeling hearing “Go, Daddy, Go” when my guide and I pass at the end of a local 5k. In 2016, I attempted to make…  Read More

Behind Lex Gillette’s Success: A Mother’s Devotion

When four-time Paralympic medalist Lex Gillette lost his sight at the age of eight, it was his mother, Verdina Gillette-Simms, who taught him how to thrive in darkness. As a single parent, dealing with the beginnings of glaucoma, Verdina focused on raising her son to be active, curious and independent. When he lost his eyesight suddenly, it was even more important to Verdina that Lex grow up to know he could have and be anything his sighted peers could. “My mom has a no excuses mentality,” Gillette told USABA over the phone. “She has that mentality that’s like you just…  Read More

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