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USABA Competitive and Recreational Community Sports Integration Project for Veterans

A key component of military service regardless of the era challenges one’s physical abilities. Remember all of those long ruck marches, unit fun runs, and PT tests? Yes, like many of you I try not to as well, but one cannot argue against the amount of research and information about the benefits of exercise to combat adverse health and mental health conditions. More importantly, organizations like USABA; Team Red, White, and Blue; Achilles, and your local sporting groups built tremendous communities with a vested interest in the wellbeing of those who elect to participate. USABA just rolled out a new…  Read More

Paralympic Athletes Keep the U.S. Medal Count Rising

Updated August 31, 2016 12:00pm MST Next month, U.S. Paralympic athletes will ride on the success of their Olympic counterparts who topped the medal count with 121 total medals – the most ever for a U.S. team in a non-boycotted Games. Among the 289 athletes named to the U.S. Paralympic Team are 46 athletes who will be competing in visual impairment categories, 8 of whom are guides. These 46 athletes will compete in 7 different sports: cycling, goalball, judo, rowing, swimming, track & field, and for the first time ever, paratriathlon. Seventeen of these athletes are returning Paralympians having previously competed in at…  Read More

USABA Paralympians Thank Their Mentors

Mentors provide advice, encouragement and support. They help us through hard times and celebrate our victories with us. They listen and empathize, teach and counsel. For Paralympians Amanda Dennis (Peachtree, Ga.) and Tucker Dupree (Raleigh, N.C.), mentors also provide a positive outlook and encouragement when training seems overwhelming and when life gets tough. Paralympic swimmer, Tucker Dupree met his mentor, Jeannine Carpenter, in North Carolina when he was 15 years old - before he began losing his sight. "She was my club coach," said Dupree. "She was coaching me when I started going blind." Dupree and Carpenter started their Paralympic journey together with Dupree's…  Read More

U.S. Paralympics National Swimming and Track and Field Teams Named

U.S. Paralympics recently announced its National Teams for track & field and swimming for the upcoming 2015 season. Congrats to everyone who was named and special congratulations to athletes with visual impairments striving for their elite competition goals! Click here for a complete list of the U.S. Track & Field National Team and here for a complete list of the U.S. Swimming National Team. Track & Field National Team: Stephanie Timmer; F11 (Naperville, Ill.) David Brown; T11/F11 (St. Louis, Mo.) Elexis Gillette; T11/F11 (Raleigh, N.C.) Jerome Avery; Guide (Lemoore, Calif.) Rolland Slade; Guide (San Diego, Calif.) Wes Williams; Guide (Visalia,…  Read More

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