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End of Year Message from 6-time Paralympian Lisa Czechowski

Posted December 30, 2021  Uncategorized
Lisa Czechowski dives to stop a goalball during the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Dear USABA Supporter,

Having been born with the eye condition nystagmus and later diagnosed with cone-rod dystrophy in middle school, the power of sport had an immense impact on my life. My experience through sport set me on a path to become a six-time Paralympian and five-time Paralympic medalist.

This past year was an especially memorable year for me as a member of the silver-medal winning USA women’s goalball team at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. It was also a milestone year for the United States Association of Blind Athletes as the organization celebrated its 45th anniversary, and adding to the celebration, the Paralympic sport of goalball enjoyed its 75th anniversary in 2021.

As we come to the end of this special year, there’s still time to make a tax-deductible donation to USABA by December 31. Every dollar donated makes an impact, but I encourage you to consider a donation of $45 or $75 in recognition of these special anniversaries.

Together we can continue to broaden USABA’s reach in encouraging more blind and visually impaired Americans to participate in recreational and competitive sport. Thank you in advance for your support.

Lisa Czechowski

Lisa Czechowski's signature

Six-time Paralympian, five-time Paralympic medalist

P.S. 2022 will be another special year for USABA. Stay tuned for a VERY important announcement just after the New Year!

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